Coffee bun and Cafe Late at Cafe France.

Two times the coffee might be fun but sharing it with a friend while brewing some good conversation is priceless.

Cr. to for the photo. (We didn’t bother to take personally) 1 year ago / 1 notes
The basic cone.  No drama, no high, no anything.

Exactly why I need some now. 3 years ago / 3 notes
I’d eat this if I had this right now.  Even though it’s almost 12.

When I was a kid, my rice-to-chorizo-ratio was 1 little slice is to one cup of rice! 3 years ago / 1 notes
Don’t you just love dutch mill blueberry?  I know I do!  It’s a mixture of sweet and tangy taste of blueberry. I’m always craving for more. :) 3 years ago / 2 notes
mouthwatering! minatamis na saba or in english sweetened bananas. 3 years ago / 0 notes

Mango cake from Red Ribbon

Look at it, it’s smiling at me!
It’s gonna make me smile too if I eat it… I wanna eat it…
3 years ago / 3 notes
my fave. airheads white mystery… 3 years ago / 0 notes
oh how i miss strawberries >.< 3 years ago / 2082 notes
this is what my sister got for Valentines
i’m just availing. got two so far! 3 years ago / 0 notes
i feel like i want to explode. it’s weird how i find salty olives as a relief. 3 years ago / 0 notes
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